Stop Smoking


Smoking is a habit and an addiction, but mostly habit,and we all know that habits can be changed.

Many smokers struggle daily with their inner voice telling them they really should quit whilst another voice tells them they are too stressed, too overworked, too tired, or just not ready. All smokers are aware of health problems their smoking is causing and the constant reminders of heart disease, lung disease, stroke, cancer, etc. just doesn’t seem to be enough motivation to quit, until its too late! “Every smoker quits at some time” I heard a client say, “You either quit because it kills you or you quit before it kills you.”  Lets make it before shall we?

Smoking alters chemicals in the brain and affects your mood, concentration, metabolism as well as physically depleting your health. There was a time when you did not smoke and in fact it didn’t even enter your head to suck in all those harsh chemicals, fight the urge to cough or be sick and actually force yourself to like it. Believe it or not, there can be a time again, when you will no longer even think about that cigarette, as you discover, when you make that decision to quit. What is it costing you, in health, in money, in self esteem, in life….?

Using hypnosis and coaching, you will find it much easier to stop smoking as long as you are ready and determined to take those steps to a smoke free life. Hypnosis is not going to “make” you stop smoking however, so you must want to participate in your journey, and as you take that journey we will explore the cycle of addiction, common excuses and fears, beliefs which may sabotage progress and how to deal with relapse (which seldom happens). The process will remove the habit and install better coping mechanisms to ensure the best possible outcome. You will love feeling all the health benefits that come from stopping the habit and there will be so many more than you expect!

Did you know that according to a Meta-analysis globally of 72000 people, hypnosis was found to be the MOST EFFECTIVE way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit – New Scientist 1845, 31st October 1992.

So, make the commitment to regain your health, wealth and happiness and let’s work together to make changes that matter, for you, your partner, your children, your grandchildren.

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