Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Irritable bowel syndrome is a collection of unexplained symptoms including all or some of the following:

bloating,  abdominal pain,  constipation,  diarrhoea, cramping

with secondary symptoms including:

tiredness, nausea, difficulty breathing, heartburn and indigestion, headaches, halitosis, joint pain, back ache, anxiety and depression.

The erratic, and often explosive, reactions in the gut are different from person to person and are often in response to dietary and lifestyle changes. Many people just cannot calm their sensitive gut and this leads to stress. The brain and the gut are connected via a super highway called the Vagus Nerve and stress can aggravate the gut immensely.  The result is a feedback loop between the brain and the gut which needs to be broken.

As a trained Colon Hydrotherapist and a Gut and Psychology Syndrome practitioner, I have a unique approach to addressing the symptoms of IBS. I bring my specialist education and knowledge of the gut, and combine them with powerful hypnotherapy techniques, to present a multi-faceted approach in the fight against IBS.  I understand how quickly crippling pain can hit and how unbelievably embarrassing the results can be. I also know that a huge 30% of the population suffers with this debilitating condition and yet it is often not spoken about due to embarrassment and fear.

A study in Holland and in the UK concluded that hypnotherapy was more successful than education and advice alone.  Mail Online 5th Dec 2018 reported “Hypnotherapy is twice as effective at relieving agonising symptoms of IBS than other methods, study reveals”. A randomised control trial in 1984  demonstrated “notable benefits in hypnotherapy in treating gastrointestinal symptoms… and quality of life of IBS patients” Lancet 1984, Gut 1987, Gut 2003.  The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends hypnosis for IBS and suggests it may also be used to help patients to self manage their chronic physical health conditions

Many other studies have reported that hypnotherapy is a successful and safe treatment for IBS both in the short and long term and it is fast becoming an option for many sufferers who have tried other approaches. Don’t suffer any more. Enjoy the relaxing and natural approach to ease those symptoms, and when you make that choice you will find you can focus your attention on really living life to the full.

Allow me to help you make changes that matter.

Call  07712030360

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